Dear Gen-X and Y Invest in your Health with Ayurveda and Yoga

As a city manager is cautious in the duties of the city, and a charioteer in those of the chariot, a wise person should be cautious in duties relating to the body. An axle fitted in a vehicle endowed with essential qualities carries on and perishes in time by depreciation of its normal limit; similarly, the lifespan of the body of a human being gets its end after the normal limit… Just as the same axle gets destroyed on the way due to an overload, uneven road, want of a road, breaking of the wheels, defects in the vehicle or driver, separation of a bolt, lack of lubrication or being thrown; similarly, the lifespan of a human being comes to end in the middle due to over-exertion, a diet not in accordance to one’s nature, irregular meals, complicated body postures, over-indulgence in sexual intercourse, the company of ignoble persons, suppression of impelled urges, non-suppression of suppressible urges, infliction by an organism, poisonous winds and fire, injury, or the avoidance of food and medicaments.


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