Food: Nectar or Poison: A Vedic View

The cosmos constituted of the five fundamental elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) has two principal divisions: jadda and chetana. Jadda are all the non-livings whereas chetana are those with soul and have their independent functional system. In chetana, the five elements take the form of three doshas or three principal energies (vata, pitta and kapha) to perform all the physical and mental functions of a living being. These energies are constantly being used and we have to replenish them. After breathing, food is the principal source to replenish these energies. The food we consume should be in the right composition of the elements and also should be in rhythm with our individual system. If the coordination between food and our individual system is not there, our nutrition can prove to be poisonous for us leading to various ailments and misery. Contrary to that, we can make our food nectar. It can be a rasayana (promoter of immunity and vitality) that provides strength and longevity. Besides that, we can cure many minor ailments by consuming or avoiding specific foods.


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