When each individual begins to understand that we are no different than the universe, healing can begin within ourselves. We can then begin healing our families, communities, and the world. As we individually achieve balance we will be given the steps to heal our environment. When we feel good, we have more energy and this creates a sense of clarity and guidance that we will be able to apply to the elemental forces on this earth.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. We “prevent” having to rebuild our car engines by changing the oil every 3,000 miles; much cheaper. Our medical system is full of expensive high priced “fixes” (i.e. triple bypass surgery) when simple health practices (i.e. good heath) would “prevent” heart attacks. A close look at the causes of illness could take some of the mystery out of “why we get sick?” The following is a partial list that will cover the major causes, although other causes may be factors.


Ayurvedsutra - Vol 2 Issue 308 copy

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