Ayurveda: Amalgamation of East and West

As a western medical doctor (Neurologist) and an ayurvedic physician, I completely agree with the fact that the validation of Ayurveda is very important. Since Ayurveda is a concept that west is still exploring, I can understand the problem from the western point of view. It is not a problem of science but is a problem of mentality. To be able to deal with it we have to find a way to build a lexicon that will help people understand what we actually mean. It is vital for us to have an answer to the questions like ‘What does Modern Medicine mean?’ and ‘What does Ayurveda mean?’ Clarity on such queries will be useful in gaining the confidence and belief of people in the East and the West as well.

For the same diffusion of Ayurveda worldwide is imperative. This is what everyone wants but that requires us to have an understanding of what does the diffusion of Ayurveda means. We may speak about techniques but that is not Ayurveda. We can speak about the processes but again that is not complete Ayurveda. It is only while we can speak about the multi-dimensions of Ayurveda we get close because what is to be diffused is a logic that is underpinning the entire concept of Ayurveda and this is the problem.


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