Mere metaphor mongering

Patrick McNamara doesn’t believe in the “experts” who want to interpret your dreams. In Psychology Today, Patric writes about it under the title- “The Folly of Dream Interpretation”.

Patrick says, What the dream interpretation websites offer up for dream interpretation systems is mere metaphor mongering. Freud is partly to blame for this but the ancients used the same sort of analogical imagining procedure when interpreting their dreams as do our modern “experts”. The art and science of dream interpretation has not really progressed beyond ancient dream interpretation manuals and soothsayer nonsense.

Scientists who have studied dreams and nevertheless post “interpretations” of common dream themes do a dis-service to both their readers and to the study of dreams as they know full well that there are no data to support any particular interpretative scheme over another.

The data on dream content do support some common linkages between specific dream content variables such as type of characters (e.g. male strangers) and very broad outcomes in dream action (such as presence of physical aggression in the dream)…but that is about as far as it goes in unraveling the dream code at this point in the scientific study of dreams.



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