Multivitamin of Spiritual Health

Meditation will truly calm the mind, fill the heart with joy and bring peace to the soul; the serenity and joy last throughout the day and throughout your life.

Physical health is marked and measured by our weight, our blood pressure, our blood sugar, the color of our skin and other corporal determinants. Spiritual health, however, is measured by our state of equanimity in the face of trials and tribulations. It is measured by our ability to remain calm, focused, serene and loving when life throws failure, difficulty, insurmountable hurdles and betrayal on our path. It is easy to be peaceful, joyful and calm when everything is going according to our own plan. The true test comes when God’s plan runs contrary to our own. In order to maintain inner peace, calmness and stability regardless of external circumstances, we need a multivitamin of spiritual health: meditation, no reaction and introspection.


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