Life begins at 82

Life begins the day a man is born. But that is a physical existence and it is same for all. Actually, the real life begins the day when one realises his potential and starts taking optimum advantage from it. Here is the story of a man who is 82 and living a wholesome life. Let’s look at his daily routine.

He gets up at 4 in the morning and by 4.30 he all set to go for a five kilometer walk in and around Indira Gandhi National Open University whose next door he has been living for last 20 years. He lives with his darling wife who dotes on him. His married son lives on the rooftop flat with his family. It was his conscious decision that his wife and daughter-in-law won’t be at peace with each other for traditional reasons. That is the same saas-bahu story of Indian society. Both lay a claim on the son who also happens to be a husband now. This leads to a conflict in every household and wiser are those who draw a line of demarcation between the two ladies. He loves his afternoon nap and the cup of tea that awaits him as he is up and about.


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