TThe science of soul for any Chronic illness

I was suffering from a disorder called as Bilateral Sacroilitis and was on a wheel chair due to this problem however started moving on my own feet after Yoga Therapy.

It was early morning of 16th July 2013. A dreadful Tuesday of my life when I could not wake up from my bed and I had to take the support of 2 persons to wake up from my bed due to severe back pain in the lower back region. I immediately consulted an orthopedic surgeon at a leading hospital who, after taking an X- ray, opined that it is L-5 slip disc and advised physiotherapy. After taking physiotherapy for 15 days, though pain decreased, yet it was only a temporary relief. The doctor then recommended for an MRI scan, the report of which said that there is absolutely no problem with the L-5 or spine region. Without any solution from here, we consulted another leading Orthopedic at a Multi-specialty Hospital who insisted on another MRI scan and a big list of 15 blood tests. Meanwhile my condition deteriorated with excruciating pain in my lower back and on 9th September 2013, I lost the sensation of my left leg and my movement was absolutely restricted. I was bed ridden and totally dependent on someone for all my routine chores. Then, I was forced to consult a neurologist who again suggested a different kind of physiotherapy, the result of which was fruitless again. In the meantime, the second MRI scan report along with the 15 blood tests, a three phase bone scan and a CT scan revealed that the final diagnosis is BILATERAL SACROILITIS.



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