Rheumatoid arthritis is a generally progressive disease affecting primarily the joints which become swollen and painful. If not treated immediately, it may result in deformity. The muscles, ligaments, synovial membrane and the cartilages get inflamed and, therefore, movement of the joints becomes extremely painful. if it goes unchecked, and the joint remains immobilised for long periods, ankylosis occurs. This leads to deformity and difficulty in movement.

Treatment: In the beginning, Mahayogaraj guggulu is given to the patient: In winter season it is given in a dose of two tablets four times a days. in summer season it is given in a dose of two tablets, two times a day. Hot water or milk is given to the patient after these tablets, They are more effective when taken on empty stomach. Medicated oil, namely, Mahanarayana taila should be used for gentle massage over the joints. In winter season, it should be slightly warmed before massage.

In the beginning, this disease affects the small joints in fingers. It is usually insidious. Stiffness of the small Muscles Of the hands is generally the next event and the fingers tend to get curved and ultimately become fixed. The infection then spreads towards the trunk involving the wrist joints, ankle joints, elbow joints, knee joints, shoulders, hips and jaw. If the bigger joints are affected then Brihadvata chintamani is the drug of choice. It is given in a dose of 0.250 gm., two or three times a day, depending upon the intensity of the pain and the duration of the disease. This is usually available in a powder form and given to the patient by mixing with honey.


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