Try to understand the song of a bird…

“Everyone wants to understand art. Why don’t we try to understand the song of a bird? Why do we love the night, the flowers, everything around us, without trying to understand them? But in the case of a painting, people

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A young physician in Tokyo named Kusuda met a college friend who had been studying Zen. The young doctor asked him what Zen was. “I cannot tell you what it is,” the friend replied, “but one thing is certain. If

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Vriksha Ayurveda the ancient science of plant life

Vriksh Ayurveda advocates a holistic crop management system and deals with various species of trees and their healthy growth and productivity. Trees are one of the most prolific and potent sources of our well being. In fact, the modern-day medical

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Ron Finley was tired of driving 45 minutes to buy an organic tomato. So, he decided to grow his own. A small start led to a gardening revolution. Now, he gets people in the soil and hooks them on fresh

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Time to Tea off

A cup of tea or coffee served with fresh air in the morning is indeed refreshing. In ayurveda, it is believed that anything taken in moderate quantity with due respect to one’s ‘prakriti’ (physical constitution), the ‘kala’ (season) and ‘desa’

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Booti of the Month : Brahmi

It’s a wonder herb. Very few plants posses as many medicinal value as Brahmi does.  From bronchitis to asthma and from boosting memory to checking cholesterol, the efficacy of Brahmi, or Bacopa Monnieri, is undisputed. It’s perhaps the most important

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Death knell for honey bee

Three years ago, I wrote about bees vanishing from the world – a process that started in 2006. The idea of extinction being so close – the vanishing of bees means the end of the pollination of most plants –

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Ayurveda an Integral Part of Indian Life

Ayurveda is imbibed and integrated in Indian life and most of us do not know it as ‘Ayurveda’ but as just the way life is supposed to be lead. Earlier and in some parts of India even now, Vaidyas were

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Water Cure

How much water should you drink should be decided on the basis of your body constitution, health status and season. Have you ever given a thought to your daily intake of water? How much of it is good? How much

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