Gain bone at early age Forget pain at old age

Generalized osteoporosis is common in the elderly and in women it often follows the menopause. It is also a feature of Cushing’s syndrome and prolonged steroid therapy. Wealth is of no use if one doesn’t have good health to enjoy

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Brain Gym

“The whole world was a jungle — sometimes the lions and tigers wore suits.” Biologically, human beings are also animals. It is said the ‘animal instinct’ in us is simmered down by societal pressure and had it not been for

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Kama – Dharma

Kama can be translated as sensuality in the broader sense. That means the feelings and sensation from the five senses. In sexual interaction, all the five senses are used and their intensity is experienced. Senses reach the peak of their

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Watering the roots of my Life.

Spending time with yourself or rather knowing the ‘you’ is considered to be an important aspect as per vedic practices.And that’s exactly what I decided to do during the year end. Another simple analogy will be the servicing of your

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6 Reasons Fermented Foods Are Good For You

Very day I eat food that’s teeming with bacteria—billions of them. To some, this may sound like reckless behavior, consorting with supposedly dangerous enemies. After all, we live in the midst of a war on bacteria, which teaches us to

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Know your Company

Everybody wants love in their life. One of the ways to enhance love and happiness in our life is through relationships. When we are in love and our relations are healthy, a love energy flows around us which make us

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