Kalaripayattu – The oldest martial art

Kalaripayattu is so old, its origins are traditionally attributed to the gods. But as with many aspects of Indian culture, this incredible marital art form comes from none other than Agastya Muni. Kalari is probably the oldest martial art form

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Varma kalai or Marma Vidya

Varma kalai (Tamil) (Malayalam: marmakkala, Sinhala: maru kalā, Telugu: marmavidyakaḷa, Sanskrit: marmavidya) is an Indian term meaning “art of vital points”. It is a component of traditional massage, alternative medicine, traditional yoga and martial arts in which the body’s pressure

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Marma treatment encompasses healing, massage and physical flexibity and is available in Kerala only.   One can learn this art in two to three years. Though this ancient art is gradually finding its way back into the mainstream of life, it has retained

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Adangal Managements and Techniques

Ayurveda is one of the greatest contributions by the sages to mankind. With strong and basic principles and time tested validated clinical evidences, Ayurveda is a symbol of truth. After finding out the basics of the universe, sages traveled long

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Classical texts of Ayurveda describe varities of clinical syndrome regarding their etiology, classification pathogenesis and management, such as available in western medical literature. If we look into past, direct references on Amavata are not available in vedic literature. However, in

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Booti of the Month : Vasaka/Malabar nut

It is categorised as Shweta – white and Krishna Asthiparni – black variety. (Bha.pra) Further it is again classified into varieties depending on the length of the inflorescence — bigger and the smaller variety known as Chitta Adolodakam in Malayalam.

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Energy Points of Yogic and Ayurvedic Healing

Dr. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri), Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, is a widely recognized teacher of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic astrology. He has written over 20 books on the various Vedic Sciences and Vedanta. Ayurved Sutra presents

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Wise and Wonderful

Twenty five years ago I wrote a quiz book called Wise and Wonderful published by Rupa.  The idea was to get people familiar with the millions of wonderful things animals could do. So many years later I continue to be fascinated

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The Madman

You ask me how I became a madman. It happened thus: One day, long before many gods were born, I woke from a deep sleep and found all my masks were stolen,–the seven masks I have fashioned an worn in

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Yoga and effect on Marma

Marma therapy and yoga are important to cure the disease and enhance the health status of the body. Directly and indirectly all yogic practices affect the marmas. Yoga asanas improves the health and tones up the body musculature. These practices

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