Ayurveda: The Concept of Longevity

Longevity means long healthy life. Vedic philosophy says that the long life should be used to achieve spirituality and not for material enjoyment. Generally it is said to be 100 years of life, although very few attain this limit. However,

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Exercises for Knee Joint

Being a  joint for weight transmission and locomotion, age based degenerative changes  and constant wear and tear, tend to cause disabling pain. Keeping the muscles that act across the joint strengthened  and toned up, stabilizes the joint to prevent pain.

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Kids and Purity

The moment a new born is introduced in the world,we give him/her a name,a religion is forced upon him and we make him/her aware about his skin colour and nationality.He is supposed to be doing certain things and certain behavior

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It may be wrong to look for a single Soma plant. Rather, Soma is part of the ancient, yogic and shamanic usage of sacred plants, including tonics, nervines and mind-altering plants of various types as well special preparations of them.

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Dear Readers, this time a story by By Leo N. Tolstoy Aksionov recalled what had been said, and when he remembered that his wife also had suspected him, he said to himself, “It seems that only God can know the

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NIMBA: Experience the Original

It all started with my search for a place that can offer us much more than mere enjoyment. Every time after the vacations, for few days we spent most of our time in gyms trying to lose those extra kilos.

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Ayurved Sutra | Regular Issue | Vol. 4 | Issue 01  | On the Cover : Longevity

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