Immunity: Thriving the Ayurvedic Way

Ayurveda presents some excellent philosophy and guidance on how we can maintain a healthy immune system. Here we will delve into how the immune system works and the role of our internal ‘digestive fire’. Immunity is the organism’s natural response

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Concept of Vyadhi Ksamatva

The concept of immunity, Vyadhi Ksamatva or Bala, as it is known in Ayurveda is a fascinating and vast subject. The body’s resistance is of tremendous importance in the daily welfare of living beings; for prevention and rapid recovery from

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Boost your Immunity Naturally

The human species and our ancestors have existed on this planet for about a million years or longer. Virtually all of that time we did not have antibiotics, vaccinations or any of the other modern medical advances that are now

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The All India Ayurvedic Congress

The Primary object of the All India Ayurvedic Congress is to work for all-round development of the science of Ayurveda and to secure for it a place of honour in the National Health Policy culminating in its acceptance as National

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Prescription Writing in Ayurveda

‘I know it will hurt you, but it is true dear doctor. But, if you believe in yourself, your treatment process and Ayurveda- the ancient science of wisdom, you should write prescription for each and every patient who visits you.’

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Blind Belief Faith… Fear… Magic… Luck

A superstition is any belief or practise that is irrational, arising from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck. It is not

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Ayurved Sutra | Regular Issue | Vol. 4 | Issue 10 | On the Cover : Immunity

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Bengal Traditional Practices on Liver Disorder

The rich tradition of Bengal has contributed in the field of Ayurveda Since Gupta period (4th Century AD). Along with time different schools of thoughts for practicing Ayurveda emerged in different parts of Bengal. Numbers of scholars and commentators have

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Food Sadhana : The Essence of Purity

The goal of sadhana is Self-Realization or Enlightenment. To a devotee, or sadhaka, all of life is sadhana. Knowing that each action, each word, each thought will either lead closer the Divine or further away, the sadhaka chooses to only

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