Meditation: Awakening of Inner Bliss

Meditation was discovered several thousands of years back by the great sages to experience the connectivity between soul and supreme soul. In ancient times, it was being used as a way of self-realization of the true self. In today’s world,

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Dhyāna: The single, unbroken flow

meditation is the uninterrupted flow of one-pointed cognition on a particular object, such as the breath or a mantra, without being drawn to or interrupted by any other cognition. Like so many ancient, spiritual terms that once had clarity and

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Meditation is the easiest process for the human mind, but the narrowest in its results; contemplation more difficult, but greater; self-observation and liberation from the chains of Thought the most difficult of all, but the widest and greatest in its

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How to Control your Thoughts during Meditation?

You complain about a new possibility that has arisen within you, a possibility that an ape, a monkey, or any other creature does not have. Question: Namaskaram. During the practice of kriyas, there is always this challenge of thoughts entering

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Extremely Busy People Learn Meditation

More people are living, but fewer are choosing, life in the fast lane. The need to restore balance, find inner peace and replenish spiritual power can be satisfied by some form of daily meditation. Sister Jayanti, an extremely busy person

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Tathata: Suchness of Life

This is the beauty: that when you are not fighting, you transcend. You are no more on the same level. And this transcendence becomes a healing force. ​ So you know now the love has disappeared. It gives you sadness

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Kailash Mansarovar: An Odyssey to Self-Realisation

Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention on a particular subject; the subject could be anything tangible or intangible such as the flame of a candle, the green grass or your breath. Each day your brain processes multiple thoughts,

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The Auspicious Shiva: the Healer

The Sanskrit word Shiva means auspicious, propitious, in good health or condition, happy, prosperous and fortunate. Shiva is the personification of the Universal Soul or Purusha of the Samkhya and is represented in one form or the other as protective

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MBSR vs aerobic exercise in social anxiety

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is thought to reduce emotional reactivity and enhance emotion regulation in patients with social anxiety disorder (SAD). The goal of this study was to examine the neural correlates of deploying attention to regulate responses to negative

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