NASYA’s Largest Class of Charak Samhita

Even when it is getting nearly impossible to bear the scorching and blistering heat, it is commendable that nearly 703 Ayurveda students and practitioners participated in the Class of Charak Samhita organized by NASYA (National Ayurveda Students & Youth Association)

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Kailas: The Mountain Of Salvation

According to Hindu scriptures, Adi Kailas, in Kurmachal, was the first abode of Lord Shiva. South of it were dense forests and the north was covered in snow. As the topography of the region changed over the centuries, Lord Shiva

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Health Stimulant Tips

When any of the three, Body, Mind or Soul falls ill or stops functioning properly the other two will quickly follow. They are inseparable. Conversely, when one of the three is correctly and properly healed, the other two will likewise

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Keep it Cool

Ayurved Sutra | Regular Issue | Vol. 5 | Issue 07  | On the Cover : Keep it Cool

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