Private Players should Help to Promote AYUSH

He is multi-linguist and recipient of several awards at state and national levels, and considers Sri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda are his inspirations. He was a NASA Research Associate and Consultant at Harvard University before his interests turned to full time

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Sikkim – Land Of Monasteries

Sikkim – a small state in northwest India is bestowed with unique beauty, dotted with its lush green and undisturbed valleys, peaceful, total sanitation, five climatic zones, environment friendly, hospitable & smiling people and a rich cultural heritage. Its unparalleled

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The Healing Desert

Moonlight climbed sandstone walls bringing with it the thought of Steve’s refrain: I need to go to the desert. I had heard the urgency in his voice, but I refused to hear the truth in his words. I had scoffed

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India – The Land of Wellness

In the fast pace of modern life, wellness is going to be an identifiable niche market all across the globe. As far as wellness is concerned, India has a rich heritage supported by its ancient systems of medicine for a healthy

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Wellness Tourism

Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It goes beyond mere freedom from disease or infirmity and emphasizes the proactive maintenance and improvement of health and well-being. Wellness incorporates attitudes and activities that prevent disease, improve

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Wellness of the Inner Space

Neither at home nor at school, is any of us taught how to manage our greed, our anger, our jealousy, our frustration and our rage. Nobody teaches you how to manage this mind by which we do all our actions.

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Dip into Mesmerising Beauty of the North East

If you are looking to stay amidst undulating hills and enjoy the warmth and placidity of plains, which are luxuriantly covered with trees then you must visit the Seven Sister states in the North East. These states—Assam, Meghalya, Arunachal Pradesh,

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Travel Tips: Make it Easy

Travelling is fun. Visiting new places, meeting new people, making new friends, knowing the unknown can be adventurous and exciting. You get to travel in various modes of transportation and stay in different types of accommodations. Travelling can be very

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Promote Kerala tourism in a responsible manner

From gushing rivers, high-altitude mountains, dense forests, scenic backwaters, lush-greenery hills and vast stretches of the sea, Ayurveda, adventure activities like trekking, surfing, wildlife safaris, paragliding, rural tourism to entice young generation of travellers as well as international tourists to

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