The code of ANANDA

Sat is truth or existence, Chit is Consciousness and Ananda is Bliss, Joy, eternal joy. Divine bliss is permanent. The worldly happiness is fleeting but Divine bliss or joy is permanent. We seek joy and pleasure in earthly things, called small joys; when we taste divine bliss, the joy of earthly things became insipid, tasteless.

Happiness is not a mystery to solve or secret to be revealed in order to be experienced. It is so simple that just about any child can model it even if they can’t explain it. Happiness is a feeling created by the expression of your love coming out of you. When your love is coming out of you, you are happy. If you express emotions of fear and anger, you will experience fear and anger. How you feel is determined by the emotions you create.

The reasons you create different emotions at different times is because of beliefs in the mind that respond to different triggers. Those beliefs are the artificial criteria telling us not to love, or that it is not safe to love.


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