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Allopathy-Ayurvedic Subcentre Inaugurated at Malayinkeezhu

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Speaker N Sakthan recently inaugurated an auditorium at the Valiyarathala shopping complex building at Malayinkeezhu panchayat as well as a conference hall at the top floor of Aruvaakode Anganvadi building. The speaker also inaugurated an allopathy-ayurveda subcentre built with government consent at Govindamangalam Samskarika Mandiram, Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala. The auditorium has been constructed using Rs 27 lakhs contributed by the World Bank while the allopathy-ayurveda subcentre has been built with a fund of Rs 9 lakhs. The auditorium and subcentre will be named after the first Malayinkeezhu panchayath president  K P Gopalapilla, whereas the subcentre will be named after panchayat member V Biju.

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