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AyurVAID winner of debut VC circle Healthcare Awards 2013

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i1 - AyurVAID winner of debut VC circle Healthcare Awards 2013

VC Circle Healthcare Awards 2013, along with VC Circle Healthcare Investment Summit 2013, which was held in Mumbai, shaped into a grand event, bringing together more than 350 CEOs representing India’s top and emerging healthcare companies as well as institutional and private equity investors betting on the sector. VC Circle Healthcare Awards 2013 recognized and awarded medical professionals who have not only scaled in terms of clinical and financial performance but also played a big role in making a real difference in patients’ lives and adopting leading innovative healthcare practices. AyurVAID hospitals won the award for the most promising healthcare startup. Nominations for Most Promising Healthcare Startup included: AyurVAID Hospitals, Embrace and Global Healthcare. AyurVAID has a patient base of near 35,000 across its centres and has treated about 8,000 patients. It has three hospitals — two in Bangalore and one in Cochin.

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