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Ayurveda can augment allopathic treatment for cancer: Experts

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 05 issue 08 53 - Ayurveda can augment allopathic treatment for cancer:  Experts

Ahmedabad: The first day at the 8th edition of World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) in Ahmedabad saw experts talking about documenting ancient practices of Ayurveda to fight cancer. Ayurveda can augment allopathic treatment was also stressed upon.Ayurvedsutra Vol 05 issue 08 53 - Ayurveda can augment allopathic treatment for cancer:  Experts

The four-day event is organized at Gujarat University Convention Centre in the city from 14-17 December 2018. The event was inaugurated by Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani.

The first day of the event saw a grilling session on ‘Exploring evidence-based and comparative effectiveness of research methods to evaluate Ayurvedic interventions for cancer’. Papers on validation of Ayurvedic medicines in pre-clinical research, Ayurveda to protect normal tissue damage during radiation therapy, chemotherapy and Ayurveda as preventive method and others were as well presented.

“World over patients are looking at Ayurveda as way of life and preventive method,” said Vd. Pawan Kumar Godatwar, secretary of the event’s organizing committee.

“Scientific papers stressed on documentation of our rich legacy. Researchers world over are now applying concepts such as network biology and immunology to Ayurveda. We are encouraging Ayurveda practitioners to document their findings which are acceptable to larger medical community,” he added.


Gujarat Chief Minister inaugurates WAC and Arogya Mela 2018

Gandhinagar: The 8th edition on World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) and Arogya Mela was inaugurated by Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister, Gujarat on Friday. Union Minister of State for AYUSH Shripad Naik was also present on the occasion.

Gujarat Chief Minister called on the young Ayurveda doctors, Ayurveda Acharya and Ayurveda medical scientists to make India Vishwa Guru in this field. He described the congress as the right job at the right time. “Ayurveda developed by Indian sages 5,000 years back has the answer to a healthy life and total wellness that the world is searching now,” he added.

He further recalled that first Ayurveda Sanshodhan Kendra was set up at Jamnagar in Gujarat in 1952, which has been elevated as Dhanwantary Ayurvedic University, while Gujarat set up a separate Ayurvedic Department when the state was founded in 1960. He stressed the need for creating facility for Ayurvedic system in every district.

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