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Ayurveda docs may get to practice Allopathy

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i1 - Ayurveda docs may get to practice Allopathy

To meet shortfall of doctors, Ayurveda doctors could soon be allowed to practice modern allopathic medicine in Madhya Pradesh. The move is likely to give legal sanction to some 40,000 Ayurveda doctors enabling them to practice modern medicine.

Until 1987 those with degree in Bachelor in Ayurveda and Modern Surgery (BAMS) or equivalent was permitted to prescribe and practice allopathic medicine. Following the AYUSH department pitch, senior officials of department of Public Health and Family Welfare have called for evaluation of curriculum pre and post-1987.

As for the current law, an AYUSH doctor can be prosecuted for cross prescription. Those practicing Indian Medicine System (IMS) can be permitted by the state to practice modern medicine, like in the case of Maharasthra. Union government is also considering a bridge course for allowing ayurveda and unani doctor to practice modern medicine. In Madhya Pradesh there are 18 ayurveda and four unani medical colleges.

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