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Ayurveda for new generation

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 05 issue 01 02 19 - Ayurveda for new generation

The Ayurveda has potential and capacity to play a game role in this area as the whole treatment is based on equilibrium of mind, body and soul as biomedicine is lacking any knowledge structures equivalent to Ayurveda’s tridosha and shad kriya kala. Ayurveda is a ‘Science of life’ focuses on multiple aspects of life viz. physical, psychological, spiritual or social making it a more than a health care system covering the philosophy of life. Charaka has described ‘Ayu’ (Life) is comprised of mind, body, senses and the soul.


Ayurvedsutra Vol 05 issue 01 02 18 - Ayurveda for new generation

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Team Ayurved Sutra

Team Ayurved Sutra

Team Ayurved Sutra is dedicated to bring you latest information regarding the Science of life, Wellness industry, Innovations,Experiments, Holistic health issues, overall living and positivity in life. AS try to cover all the aspects of Body, mind and soul.