Leucoderma is completely curable with Ayurveda

Till few years back only 1% of world’s population was suffering from Leucoderma or vitiligo. Before it could further effect the generations to come, AIMIL Healthcare and Research Centre with defense Agricultural Research laboratory (DARL) a wing of Defence Research

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500 Patanjali Paridhan stores in the offing

New Delhi: “Patanjali Ayurved will open more than 500 stores of company's apparel brand Patanjali Paridhan throughout the country this year,” said Baba Ramdev at the launch of a store. The stores will be made available clothes made of bamboo

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Ayurvedic treatment valid: Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum

Ahmedabad: Patients are entitled to medical insurance claims for ayurvedic treatment, subject to certain conditions, a consumer court recently ruled while ordering an insurer to pay 25% of sum assured to a claimant. The court said that the insurance company cannot deny

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You can prevent Diabetic retinopathy if you change your lifestyle

Prevent Diabetic retinopathy People with diabetes are more prone to develop glaucoma but most dreaded, and vision-threatening complication of diabetes in the eye is diabetic retinopathy in long-standing cases of diabetes.  Diabetes mellitus is a lifestyle-related problem. Sedentary lifestyle, lack

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How Mahatma Gandhi experimented with Unfired Food

  The unlimited capacity of the plant world to sustain man at his highest is a region yet unexplored by modern medical science which through force of habit pins its faith on the shambles or at least milk and its

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