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Desi Messenger Kimbho has its own problems

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baba - Desi Messenger Kimbho has its own problems

baba - Desi Messenger Kimbho has its own problemsNew Delhi. The controversy around the desi messanger  Kimbho app seems to be never-ending. On August 15, Acharya Balkrishna, who’s the Managing Director of Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar announced that the Kimbho chat app will be re-launching on August 27, but looks like that hasn’t happened.  Balkrishna announced that the launch of Kimbho has been delayed for some more time. “We will announce new date of official launch asap,” Balkrishna tweeted.

With the “swadeshi” Kimbho app, Patanjali aims to take on WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook. But that is, only if Patanjali can fix all the bugs in the app and launch it. To recollect, Kimbho app was initially launched in May this year but was mysteriously taken down from Play store. Apparently, the app was removed from Play store due to some security concerns, but Patanjali Communications never accepted it. The company said that the app was removed because of “high demand” which the servers were unable to handle.

The trial version of the app is downloaded 1,00000 times, one report suggests.

After announcing the re-launch date of the app, “end-to-end encryption” Kimbho chatting app re-appeared on Google Play store . Reportedly, some users complained about several issues, including problems in setting up profile pictures and complained about the poor user interface.

“We appreciate your excitement over official launch of Kimbho app. We inform you that trials, review and upgradation is in process to make Kimbho most safe, convenient and secure Swadeshi app of your first choice,” Balkrishna tweeted on Monday.

Patanjali’s key aim behind introducing Kimbho is to take on Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp, even though the original version of the Kimbho app was a clear copy of WhatsApp. Not just the features, the app logo was also copied from WhatsApp. Just like WhatsApp, the Kimbho app also lets users send messages, make voice calls, and also share multimedia files like images, videos, GIFs, and also location. It also comes with support for ghost chatting, auto delete messages, wipe out feature, among others.

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