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Is Ayurvedic Kansa Wand a Market gimmick ?

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images 9 - Is Ayurvedic Kansa Wand a Market gimmick ?

Business can do ” miracles”. A Kansa Wand is being sold in the name of  Ayurvedic miracle tool to enhance beauty. Ayurved Sutra talks to the experts.   

images 9 - Is Ayurvedic Kansa Wand a Market gimmick ?The beauty industry in India is booming at an exponential rate. The size of India’s beauty and wellness market touched the mark of 80 billion in the last financial year.

And with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda dominating the beauty industry too, the world is witnessing non-stop product launches. Social media is flooded with bloggers marketing these products strategically.

One such product Ayurved Sutra Team recently had a chance to read about is ‘Kansa [vsrp vsrp_id=”” class=””]Wand’. Being promoted by wellness and ayurveda industry as the sacred tool for facial or whole body rejuvenation, it is said to balance vata, pitta and kapha.

Rajni Ohri, Founder, Ohria Ayurveda very enthusiastically informs, “A Kansa wand is a simple, non-battery, very beautiful ancient tool which ones bought, will be with you for the lifetime. We use Tamara metal and the original wooden handle concept to let more people benefit. The detox results are instantly visible like the greying effect that draws out the acidity and the ease of stress.”

However, the ayurveda vaidyas have a completely different perspective about the same. “Kansa is of significance in Ayurveda like it is used specially for food massage with castor oil to reduce heat in the body,” explains Dr. Sunanda Ranade, Vice-Chairman, International Academy of Ayurved, Pune.

“I haven’t heard of anything like ‘Kansa Wand’ nor I have ever heard of it being used for massages,” she adds.

My curiosity to know more about the ‘Kansa Wand’ was swelling up. The ‘scared tool’, which was being projected as the next big thing of the beauty industry could not find acceptance with the ayurveda fraternity.

Dr Reena Arora, Chief Consultant, Ayurvedic Clinic refuted Kansa Wand it as merely a business gimmick. “With the way the market is cashing upon Ayurveda, I think soon we will lose the authenticity of our ancient science.

“Kansa definitely finds mentions in our ancient text and Ayurveda, but ‘Kansa Wand’ has no link to the science.”

While Rajni Ohri says that if we were to create a business gimmick we would be selling rose quartz rollers, jade rollers to earn more. “Kansa Wand is made up of 3 metal and wood, it’s not a business gimmick. A business gimmick is something that you are trying to sell diamond dust into your creams, or you trying to sell gold into your creams wherein you are trying to entice the customer to buy it again and again.”

“If I were to give references from Ayurveda, they have said about Tamra Bhasma being used on the skin for external application. Various uses of Tamra are stated in Rasaratna Samuchaya which states about how beautifully copper takes care of skin diseases and then there is Anjana Tamra, which you can use it with the salayi made of copper, it is that pure that you can use it for putting kajal in the eyes of babies. That’s the purity Tamra has to the skin and it is very beautiful to be used,” Rajni explained.

While Dr Baljot Bharaj, Ayurveda Consultant, Kayakalp Ayurveda completely disapproved of this scared tool. “This tool finds no mention in our ancient literature. This is completely false. This might be their new innovation, but Kansa Wand has never existed.”

Taking on the entire Ayurveda community, Rajni Ohri is ready to challenge anyone who denies the existence of the tool. “Whatever we are targeting with that tool lets the healthy prana flow into that area making it healthier. It allows the specific area to receive its nutrition, lets the oils to deeply penetrate into the deeper layers. Kansa works the best.

“How can you call it a business gimmicks? I can even give you a Kansa challenge. There cannot be a single person who will not benefit by the Kansa massage. Whether you feel a gush of energy whether you feel your stress and tension build up being taken away or you feel the skin getting glowing or feel the oil that you have applied deeply penetrated into the skin,” she asserts.

Beauty industry is calling it a miracle and is swearing by it, but vaidyas don’t approve of it at all. Even the Panchkarma therapists are unaware of a product like this. Falling victim to the market driven gimmick is easy, but it would be better for all of us to choose wisely.


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Shruti Prabhakar

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