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Kapiva bets on Green Tea Business

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New Delhi. Addressing the great demand in the Green Tea business, Baidyanath backed Kapiva Ayurveda is also launching a herbal tea brand. A pilot launch has been successful and commercial launch is scheduled in the nextkapiva - Kapiva bets on Green Tea Business month. Kapiva has tied up with Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates Private Ltd, which is an old player in Organic Tea business for this venture. According to sources, 3-4 flavors are to be introduced in this category. Several wellness products including Ghee and Honey are already in the market from Kapiva. It is said that  Tea producing partner will supply organic tea and Kapiva will infuse herbs to it, so the product will be altogether different and effective in terms of the said category product line. Kapiva  is also planning to tie up with farmers for raw material which is necessary to fulfill the demand in its food product category. The company plans to expand in Agri business and some land is to be acquired in MP and Maharshtra.  According to sources Kapiva is hopeful of clocking a turnover of Rs 100 crore by the end of FY-20.

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