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Kerala will create 250 start-ups in Ayurveda and related sector under ‘Ayurstart’

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New delhi.  Kerala is working fast to rise again after the damage caused by floods during last September.  Under the  mission to reinventing Kerala , some stakeholders with the support of government  are launching “Ayurstart.” This will create 250 start-ups in the field of Ayurveda and related sectors. It is believed that because of this ,state’s business will touch the  earning figure of  4.5 billion from Ayurveda tourism sector, which is thrice than today’s. CII has already chosen 10 start-ups. According to Dr. S. Saji Kumar, leveraging new technology and value addition is the key to success. Initiative to revive Food processing sector is also on the cards. A food summit in Kochi is also planned  with the theme ‘Made in Kerala, Going Global’.

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