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Monitoring System for Ayurveda Drugs Soon

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The system called Common Acceptable Software, being implemented by the Central Government across the country, is expected to facilitate standardisation of the ayurveda drug manufacturing business.  The new system is believed to be a part of introducing a new national policy for  AYUSH, with revised rules/regulations and licensing system. At present, separate licences are granted for drugs manufactured using classical and textual preparation techniques and herbal drug combinations. The existing system will likely be annulled as the proposed tracking system will help identify drugs prepared using harmful ingredients whereas currently there are no restrictions on drugs coming from the other states. Normally, drugs containing harmful ingredients are banned once they come to the notice of the Drug Controller for Ayurveda.

The new system will keep a check on spurious ayurveda medicines produced in states that do not follow strict norms and regulations. Also it will help the authorities in checking violation of procedures like toxic study and clinical trail. Officials at the Department of Ayurveda said that though a plan was mooted by the State Government earlier to set up a platform like the Common Acceptable Software, it did not take off.

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