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No Yoga, No Life! Know Yoga, Know Life!: Sadhguru

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i1 - No Yoga, No Life! Know Yoga, Know Life!: Sadhguru

21 June/ Ayurved Sutra/ UN.

Spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev led a yoga session at the UN.

In his message Sadhguru appreciated revolutionary step taken by UN to transform the world.

“Its truely revolutionary for United Nations organisation to take up Yoga as a way of bringing transformation in the world. Because without transforming indvidual human beings, there is no way to transformed the world. This effort to take yoga to every human being on the planet is about fulfilling the human longing for health, well being through a logically correct and scientifically verifyable system called yoga” said Sadhguru.

Spreading awarness about Yoga in the world Sadhguru said “No Yoga, No Life! Know Yoga, Know Life!”

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Praveen Prabhakar

Praveen Prabhakar

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