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Seekers love to go in depth, AS readers reveal high side of Ayurveda content

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New Delhi. Ayurveda readers are more sensitive and the perception about the popular content is prejudiced. Seekers are more enthusiastic than general Ayurveda practitioners. They  love to go in depth. The search habits of Ayurved Sutra revealed that expectations from the experts and the curiosity index of the new age readers is high.

Recently, Ayurved Sutra (AS)completed 5 years and the website trends were analysed

by the tech team along with the AS print issues. “Honoring our connoisseur readers, the most read top 20 articles that appeared in AS during last five years have been bouqeted togather in latest double issue – Volume 6 Issue 1-2,” said Yashwant Vyas ,the editor-in-chief.  Relation, Emotion, Disease, Myths & Facts, Yoga, Food, Meditation, Herbs, Philosophy, Nature and lifestyle were the key words  most searched. But, it is to be noted specifically, that readers were after well researched articles. Instead of just MEDITATION, they preferred to read COORDINATING THE FOUR FUNCTIONS OF MIND. Vivekananda’s “The Ideal of KarmaYoga” and Mahatma Gandhi’s “The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism were their favorites.” The most sought after herb was the BASIL. Ayurvedic Meal and Gurus of Dattatreya were read alongwith Brain-Gym.

Ayurved Sutra has been a movement to establish the science of life in right perspective with modern scientific rationale. Findings on the  content available on Ayurveda and related subjects shows that content writing should be taken seriously by the experts for greater good. AS Issue comprising of top 20 most read articles is out for sales. To subscribe,you may please click this link.

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Jai Deo

Jai Deo

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