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Shift to Cycle, be healthy and help economy too!

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bicycle - Shift to Cycle, be healthy and help economy too!

New Delhi. Shifting to cycling can result in an annual savings of up to 1.6% of India’s GDP, says TERI’s latest report. The Energy Resources Institute (Teri) released a report recently about cycling culture and its benefits.

Research associate Akansha jain writes,” Despite its many benefits, bicycles in India are increasingly being used by only captive users, who do not have access to any other form of mobility. Resultantly, India is witnessing a very slow growth in bicycle ownership and a decline in the use of bicycles as a form of mobility (TERI, 2014).

bicycle - Shift to Cycle, be healthy and help economy too!In  the period between 2001 and 2011, the share of bicycle-owning households has only increased by 1%. The corresponding share in rural areas has increased by 3.4%, whereas in urban areas it has declined by 4.1%.  This is general observation that rural area is more dependent on bicycles and its direct -indirect benefits are known to everybody but no one is seriously buying the fact .

In this study, it is estimated that if bicycles were to substitute the two- and four-wheelers used for short-distance trips, it can result in an annual benefit of INR 1.8 trillion, which is equivalent to 1.6% of India’s annual GDP for 2015–16.The report recomended that a ‘Bicycle Development Council’ should be established for growth and development of the sector in India. Cycling as a trend has been adopted by some urban as an exercising tool, it has not been a mean of transport for them. Health and wellness is in vogue , so is cycling,but is there really a cycle-culture in offing ?

Jackob Koshy of The Hindu writes, “However with a lack of dedicated cycling lanes, as well as poorly maintained roads, in several cities, cycling is fraught with danger in India. A report by the Transport Research Wing (TRW) of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways says that from 2011-015, 25,435 cyclists have been killed.” But, bicycle is indeed a healthy , cheap and beneficial option . To Read detail report Click here.



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