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Special teams formed to promote organic farming

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i1 - Special teams formed to promote organic farming

Ludhiana: The Horticulture Department has been sensitising farmers of Ludhiana district under mission “Tandarust Punjab” about the benefits of organic farming. The Department has formed special teams which organise awareness camps in different parts of the district.

Dr Jagdev Singh, Deputy Director, Horticulture Department said more than 30 such camps have already been organised in various parts of the district, where more than 1,200 farmers have been sensitised about the benefits of organic farming.

He added that during these camps, the department is urging farmers to reduce the use of pesticides in farming. He said farmers are also being educated about harmful effects of chemicals used to fasten ripening of fruits.

Dr Singh said if possible, people should grow fruits and vegetables at their own premises for self consumption. He said fruits, including mango, banana, papaya, sapodilla (chikoo) etc that are ripened by using calcium carbide are very harmful.

He said the department is keeping a close eye on traders who use calcium carbide for ripening of fruits and anyone caught doing that will be dealt sternly. Dr Singh further said a three-member team is regularly sensitising traders at the Fruit Market located near Jalandhar Bypass to ensure that they do not use calcium carbide for ripening purpose.

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