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Students of Govt Ayurveda College lack cadavers for anatomy study

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The Government Ayurveda College at Varanasi is facing scarcity of cadavers required for anatomy studies. While at the same time the Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, gets more than the required number of bodies.

The college has not received a single body since 2009 for study purpose. In such a situation the college is unable to provide proper practical education of organ detection during the study of anatomy to the students. The main source of getting dead bodies is the police, who earlier used to provide unclaimed bodies to the college.

On an average eight bodies are required for the study of anatomy in an academic session. The college has 50 seats for medical education. Since the IMS-BHU has its own mortuary, it easily gets dead bodies for anatomy study. But the Government Ayurveda College lacks this facility and students have to suffer due to this.

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