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This time WAC will have more depth: Ranjit Puranik

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Ranjit Puranik 1 - This time WAC will have more depth: Ranjit Puranik

Ahmedabad:  The Eighth edition of World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) and & AROGYA 2018 started off today at held at Gujarat University Convention Centre, Ahmedabad. The event will go on for 4 days till 17th December 2018 and is supported by Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India and organised by World Ayurveda Foundation.

Touted to be one of the biggest events to propagate and promote Ayurveda in the country, Ranjit Puranik, Managing Director, Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. said, “World Ayurveda Congress is a kind of a platform where current science and ayurveda will come together under the same roof. The event will see all kinds of scholar from India and worldwide, who might have done something in the field of ayurveda research, some validation will be showcased at the prestigious platform. This time 300 scholars are reading their paper at WAC. Almost 2200 scholars have applied for the slots to read their paper and 350 scholars would be doing poster presentations.”

The Focal Theme of the event is ‘Re-aligning the Focus on Health’ with the aim to redefine “healthcare” as the basis for health of individuals and populations. The 8th WAC aims to put Ayurveda at the forefront of healthcare from this perspective, making use of its core values and principles of health preservation and promotion.

The event will saw more institutes participating this time. “The research paradigm, which comes in from the institutes would be far greater. Further 22 associated events will as well be held like skill and development based programs, knowledge based programs and others. The event will witness participation from very serious minded doctors. In my opinion, this time WAC will have more depth,” informs Ranjit Puranik who is also the Trustee of World Ayurveda Foundation.

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