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Tourist interest in Ayurveda lends new life to old Indian mansions

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i1 - Tourist interest in Ayurveda lends new life to old Indian mansions

Every year, an estimated 6.7 million foreign tourists visit India. The sharp fall in the rupee, which is currently hovering around 62 rupees against the greenback, also makes India attractive for holidaymakers. Kerala attracts a major chunk of them, mainly high-end tourists rather than backpackers, through innovative marketing using social media platforms and a wide range of attractions like Ayurveda. It won the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Ulysses Award for Innovation in Public Policy and Governance, the highest honor given to government bodies for shaping global tourism policies through innovative initiatives.

Many of the old mansions are now converted into new-age Ayurveda resorts, Ayurveda mana built in classical architecture. The facilities are also enhanced like an attached private herb garden, yoga room and traditional bathing pond, a library of books on the subject, and a collection of related antiques in a museum. And in many places training in a martial art is also provided.

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