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Two-day conference of anesthesiologists at BHU

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i1 - Two-day conference of anesthesiologists at BHU

The Banaras Hindu University is going to host a two-day 16th national conference of Association of anesthesiologists of Indian Medicine. The department of Sangyaharan, faculty of Ayurveda, BHU is organizing this event on the second foundation day of the department. ‘Prospective and challenges of integrated approach of treatment for better patient care’ will be the main theme of the conference with a sub-theme of recent advances in Sangyaharan.

The role of Yoga and Naturopathy in healthcare will also be discussed during the event. Advances in resuscitation/ critical care, clinical application of herbo-mineral pharmacodynamics, prasutitantra, balaroga and research updates in Ayurvedic literatures and Samhitas will be elaborated by the research scholars and experts of their respective fields. About 250 participants from different parts of the country will mark their presence in the conference.

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