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Workshop on ‘Medicinal Benefits of Jackfruit’

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The Jackfruit Promotion Council (JPC) is organised a one-day workshop on the medicinal properties of jackfruit at the Gandhi Bhavan. The workshop inaugurated by Agriculture Minister K P Mohanan, covered various aspects of the fruit including its health benefits, its references in Ayurveda and naturopathy, its everyday use and approaches to value added products. In the morning session, Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala additional chief physician Dr K Muraleedharan spoke on ‘Male infertility and jackfruit’ and James Joseph, the founder of spoke on the anecdotal evidence on health benefits of jackfruit. Other emminent Ayurvedic physicians spoke on “The merits and toxic effects”, “Nutritional and pharmacological properties”, “Medicinal properties” of the fruit. The workshop also had papers on the naturopathic view on jackfruit, its uses as prescribed in Ayurveda and the potential for value-added products from the fruit. Health Minister V S Sivakumar was the chief guest of the afternoon session. Though already available in abundance in the state, jackfruit has gained popularity owing to its health benefits, besides the fact that it is one fruit that has remained free of pesticides.

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