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Compassionate Eating

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She says, All the emphasis that has been placed on the intellect for so many years is now proving to be misplaced. Research from the HeartMath Institute shows that the heart generates a more significant field than the brain, making it the “most powerful electromagnetic field produced by the body.” In fact, a 2014 study suggests the heart may even be “smarter” than the brain because of its precognitive abilities. “Prestimulus information” is processed and decoded by the heart before it is relayed to conventional sensory channels in the brain.

Our heart is our inner fulcrum, bringing joy to our eating experiences. In many cultures, food is used to express love. Dating couples typically spend their time together eating a meal. Mothers bake for their children. The message being delivered on many levels is that if we care about someone, we share food with them, whether preparing it for them, serving it, or even eating with them. Our love travels not only through the act of sharing food, but through the act of consuming it. The act of eating and what we eat shows how much we value and love our bodies. Eating behaviors often reveal how connected we are to the greatest form of love – self-compassion. Through loving ourselves, we are able to form a healthy relationship with food.



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