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Food As Elixir Of Life

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Ayurvedsutra Issue 6 Winter Special081 copy - Food As Elixir Of Life

We love our food, don’t we? In India, food is related to all the celebrations. When we want to celebrate, we say let’s eat and if we are sad it’s the food that we use to lift our mood. The food we have has a direct bearing on our mood.

Let me introduce you to the Ayurvedic point of view on food and mood first. According to Ayurveda, food is divided into three catogeries — saatvik, taamsik and rajsik.

Too much of junk, stale food, maida, spicy fried food and aerated drinks that don’t have any nutrition or rasa are taamsik. Such food items have a bad effect on our mood. They makes us aggresive, lethargic and restless.
If our food consist of freshly cooked vegetables, fruits, milk, mild and fresh herbs, and spices, it keeps us calm and composed. These are called taamsik foods.

If food is very heavy and laden with butter and oil like butter chicken, paneer makhni rich with cashew nut paste,  it  is called as raajsik food. This type of food makes us sedentry, listless. We always feel heavy and sleepy.


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Dr. Deepika Malik

Dr. Deepika Malik

She has a passion for natural healing through diet and ayurveda, runs Dr Deepika's Wellness.