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Healthy Recipes

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Healthy food

“Health is wealth” we have heard about this saying a lot,but in our busy lives we have forgotten the concept of healthy living and healthy eating. Eating a balanced diet impacts our health and immunity in the long run at the same time keeps our weight in control. You are what you eat and how you look.To stay healthy we have to start with going back to simple,real food. Healthy eating is a long term investment towards your good health. Healthy eating requires some quick and healthy recipes too.The more you experiment with healthy recipes,the greater your taste buds will start enjoying that food.


Ayurvedsutra Vol 06 issue 01 02 48 - Healthy Recipes

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Dr. Deepika Malik

Dr. Deepika Malik

She has a passion for natural healing through diet and ayurveda, runs Dr Deepika's Wellness.