Lifestyle Diseases: Moderation is the key

Lifestyle diseases are those diseases that we bring on to ourselves by the way we live. And these include most commonly: hypertension, stroke, atherosclerosis, heart diseases and diabetes. Unfortunately, instead of decreasing, this list is constantly increasing over the years.

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How I Live Yoga

Depending on one’s exposure, there may be a variety of different mental images when hearing the word “yoga.” Some may imagine a hot room filled with loud music and sweaty people. Others may envision a home practice in a beautiful

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Vegetable Kingdom

Dialecticians are of opinion that the inclusion of a small quantity of raw vegetables like cucumber, vegetable marrow, pumpkin, gourd, etc. in one’s menu is more beneficial to health than the eating of large quantities of the same cooked. But

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Naturally Nepal

Engulfed in the warmth of Himalayas, Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries. It is an ideal abode for tourists seeking to re-energise themselves in the arms of nature. It is gradually catching the attention of the tourist looking

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Adolescents And Depression: An Overview

The word “adolescent” is derived from the Latin word ‘adoloscere’ which means “to grow”. Adolescence is a stormy period of rapid growth between ages 9 and 19 years. It is characterized by a rapid physical, reproductive, intellectual and psychosocial growth

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Joy is not your cars or bank balance..

After being born in this world it’s apparent that we have to go through all; happiness and sadness, love and hate, pain and pleasure, honor and humiliation, hope and frustration, success and failure, gains and losses, union and separations and

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Changing Lives through Daily Living

If we want to support healthy rasa, Ayurveda has taught that we need to have appropriate daily routines. We need to develop habits that support balance and health within shifting environments. A fundamental tenet of Ayurveda is that “like increases

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