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The Yogshala Expo is a step towards sensitizing people about AYUSH

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The Yogshala Expo is a step towards sensitizing people about AYUSH

Namo Gange Trust is a perfect example of how an NGO can beat corporate culture with its work and management. In the last four years, Trust has been excessively working in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and social service. The credit goes to the Chairman of Namo Gange Trust, Mr. Vijay Sharma, but in his words ‘It’s a team work’. Ayurved Sutra talks to him about his journey as an AYUSH believer and the 4th edition of ‘The Yogshala Expo’

How did you conceptualize the idea of Namo Gange Trust? What is the vision of the Trust?

The journey of Namo Gange Trust started from the year 2015, when only one thought and support resulted in desire for those who worked for social welfare and they all came together. The principle of each one was to contribute to the society in particular system to bring health and harmony into society.

The story behind the formation of ‘Namo Gange Trust’ began during the year 2012-2014. During that time I was suffering from severe health problems and was undergoing treatments. Ironically, nobody had assured me of bouncing back to normal life and improvisation in my health conditions. At that time under the guidance and blessings of H.H. Acharya Jagdish ji Maharaj I started practicing yoga and following Ayurvedic regime. It immensely benefitted me. I started leading a normal life. As a result, I earned strong faith in the ancient system of medicine and its potential of defeating diseases. I do believe that yoga and Ayurveda should be more acceptable and are affordable for our society. Therefore, our journey to the healthy world began with the name “Namo Gange Trust”.

Our vision is to educate and aware people in masses for ‘Healthy & Peaceful life’ and ‘Pollution Free Environment’ through various dedicated services, noble initiatives, social activities, and special attention to ‘Holy River Ganga’ and water management.

How and why did “The Yogshala Expo” happen?

The Yogshala Expo is not just an AYUSH Exhibition; it is Namo Gange Trust’s first step towards sensitizing people across the world. Our core team has spent long hours planning, discussing, brainstorming and building a legitimate background for it. When we launched our first edition back in year 2016, we were not that sure that would we be able to set benchmark in the industry. But we received unconditional support from famous AYUSH organizations and exhibitors as well. We were and we are still overwhelmed by the response of all the exhibitors. With The Yogshala Expo we want people to associate with Ayush and introduce them to the world and their advancements. We thank God and all AYUSH organizations / Brands / Associates as it was not possible without the help of them. It is because of their constant support that we have been successfully organizing this for the last three years.

Full article in Ayurved Sutra Vol. 06 Issue 05

Ayurvedsutra Vol 06 issue 05 50 - The Yogshala Expo is a step towards sensitizing people about AYUSH

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