“A shop owner placed a sign above his door that said: ‘Puppies For Sale.’ Signs like this always have a way of attracting young children, and to no surprise, a boy saw the sign and approached the owner; ‘How much

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Welcome Varsha Ritu with Ayurvedic Tips!!

Every season has a different effect on our body, mind and soul. Seasons in Ayurveda are called ‘ritus’. The ritus are: Varsha (monsoon) Sharad (autumn) Hemantha (winter) Shishira (late winter) Grishma (summer) Vasanta (spring) In a year there are different

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Keep Illness at Bay with Self Massage

Ayurveda recommends oil massage every day to keep fit and energetic, enhance immunity and to lead a healthy life. Self-massage is almost like an exercise regime. These massages, when done with herbal oils, not only tone the skin but nourish

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Potential of Ayurveda as Immunotherapy in Oncology

Cancer being the leading cause of death accounts for 15-20% of global mortality. Although, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies have improved cancer survival statistics up to a certain extent. The various modalities for Cancer/Arbuda management in today’s era include surgery, chemotherapy,

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Use It or Lose It! Keeping the Body Healthy

Some people are over-worked and have ill-health. But most people are under-worked and have ill-health. If you had lived 200 years ago, you would be doing at least 20 times more physical activity than what you are doing right now.

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Boost your Immunity to Curb Diseases

The ability of an Organism to resist disease is called immunity. Actually, it is the balanced state of the body wherein the body has adequate biological defenses to fight against infections, diseases and biological invasions witch are unwanted. So, it

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Beat Diabetes with Yoga!

Diabetes, one of the most commonly found lifestyle disorders of the modern-age, is caused due to a variety of reasons, such as hereditary factors, overeating, excess weight (often translated into obesity), and many others. However, in the wake of combating

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