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Use It or Lose It! Keeping the Body Healthy

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 06 issue 06 37 - Use It or Lose It! Keeping the Body Healthy

Some people are over-worked and have ill-health. But most people are under-worked and have ill-health. If you had lived 200 years ago, you would be doing at least 20 times more physical activity than what you are doing right now. You would have walked everywhere and would have done everything with your hands. If you were doing that much activity, I would have told you to take a break and get some rest.

There was once a young physician. He had some problems with a diagnosis of a patient, so he went to a senior colleague for advice. The senior colleague said, “Oh! Nerves and vomiting, is it? Hmm…” “Yes,” replied the young man, “but I don’t find any medical reason for him to have nerves and vomiting.” So the senior colleague suggested, “Ask him if he is playing golf. If he does play, tell him to stop. If he says he doesn’t, ask him to play. He’ll become ok!” Health is like that!

Full article in Ayurved Sutra Vol. 06 Issue 06

Use It or Lose It!

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