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Mind & Heart together define Human Nature

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 06 issue 07 61 - Mind & Heart together define Human Nature

Rajas, Sattva and Tamas are mixed up with one another. They are attached to one another, and likewise follow one another. It is very rare that a person is found to be entirely Sattvik, Rajasik or Tamasik.

Don’t let the heart rule your mind. This is the most common advice we get when we are caught in a dilemma. This implies that the heart and the mind are in conflict and listening to your heart may weaken you. However, the ayurvedic concept of mind takes a broader and more illuminating view of the subject.

Full article in Ayurved Sutra Vol. 06 Issue 07

Ayurvedsutra Vol 06 issue 07 60 - Mind & Heart together define Human Nature


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Dr. Meeta Kotecha

Dr. Meeta Kotecha

She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Dravyaguna, National Institute of Ayurveda . She has guided 13 M.D. scholars and 5 Ph.D. scholars for their research projects.Published more than 15 research papers in reputed journals and presented papers / delivered expert lectures in more than 42 seminars and workshops. Her main interest area of research is to explore food and nutrition aspects from Ayurveda perspective.