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The Medicine Buddha Healing Art And Litergy

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Ayurvedsutra Issue 9 Spring Special092 - The Medicine Buddha Healing Art And Litergy

Traditional medicine comprises knowledge systems that developed over generations within various societies before the era of modern system of medicine. Today, we have alternative medical systems along with allopathic, like Unani, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Siddha, Chinese and many others. Furthermore, with scientific advancement, the healing system has become more sophisticated. However, the diseases are still so complex that even all systems together could not have been always successful and many issues remained unanswered. There are many health problems where it is not possible even to diagnose the source of diseases. Generally, it is contended that body and mind they are two separate entities. Despite the fact that they have deep rooted interdependent relationship and in many cases they seem to be inseparable and distinctly remedying measure are not usually possible. In many we witness that the problem at mental level has a direct effect on the body. The mind thus plays a greater role in remedying physical problem than the drugs itself.

Today, medical science does grant that body’s innate capacity to self-repair and control self-healing mechanisms and that the power of the mind has a necessary role to play in healing. In an attempt to better understand this phenomenon, many researchers have found evidence and the medical establishment had been proving that the body has the innate capacity to heal itself and also that loneliness, pessimism, depression, fear, and anxiety damage the body, while intimate relationships, gratitude, meditation, sex, and authentic self-expression affect the healing processes.


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