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Aarogyalay Catching them Young

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 05 issue 09 10 110 a - Aarogyalay Catching them Young

He is a Sales and Marketing Consultant with an expertise of almost three decades in Brand Building. Sounds really professional!! But this guy went on to becoming ‘Laughter Ambassador’ and now is trying to tap students and spread awareness about Ayurveda. Aarogyalay is the brain child of Rajeev Narang. Even at the age of 52, he is enthusiastic and a treasure bank of ideas. As the name suggests Aarogyalay is a program which aims for wellness. It simply means Aarogya + vidhyalaya, wellness in schools. The mission of Aarogyalay is to spread awareness about healthy habits and adoption of healthy lifestyle from the very beginning at the school level.


Ayurvedsutra Vol 05 issue 09 10 110 - Aarogyalay Catching them Young

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