Ayurveda Yoga and the Policy makers

Can we hope that we make Ayurveda our main system of medicine and allopathic system only for emergencies? Can we think beyond BAMS and on real Ayurveda which is attached to mother earth, our rivers, our trees, our grasses and

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Amalgamation of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine is the Key

He conceptualized the idea that Ayurveda can play a big role in chronic cardiac disease. He used his education in modern medicine and undertook a meticulous research into Ayurveda. Extensive experimentation and delving deeper into every minute aspect of his

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Leucoderma is completely curable with Ayurveda

Till few years back only 1% of world’s population was suffering from Leucoderma or vitiligo. Before it could further effect the generations to come, AIMIL Healthcare and Research Centre with defense Agricultural Research laboratory (DARL) a wing of Defence Research

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And now comes gelatine without animal

Food & beverage is the biggest market for gelatine, followed by nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, photography, and cosmetics such as face creams,  shampoos, hair sprays, soaps and nail polishes. New things are happening on the food front that are exciting and potentially earth

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Our rituals and traditions are scientific

He carries the legacy of three generations of dedicatedly working towards the growth and promotion of Ayurveda. He holds his expertise in drug development and is the recipient of UGC Career Award, ISCA Young Scientist Award and DBT Technology Transfer

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Mythical Animals

Other countries celebrate their mythical animals. Garuda belongs to Indian mythology but is the national bird and symbol of Indonesia. The Phoenix or Homa is revered in Iran. Here are some we should know:  Byangoma/Byangomi are the legendary birds of

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24 Gurus of Dattatreya

The Air to Dattatreya was a symbol of pure consciousness. Pervading everywhere, yet uncontaminated, carrying fragrance, but not being the fragrance, it teaches detachment, never staying in any one place, always moving. I became a grandmother last month – Anasuyaa

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