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Dharma and the Medical Tradition of Ancient India

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Dharma cannot be translated as religion as this vast tradition of the sanatana dharma is not bound by certain sets of rules and regulations to be followed and the followers must pray or believe in certain God or god like figure, and so on. It has no founder or no special norms. It is technically wrong to use the word ‘Hinduism’.  The principles for life based upon the cosmic principles were called as sanatana dharma by the ancient Indians. Sanatana dharma is not a religion but a Weltanschauung. It does not only talk of the human beings and the cosmos but also of the cosmogony.


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Dr. Vinod Verma

Dr. Vinod Verma

Dr. Vinod Verma is a pharmacologist, neurobiologist and an ayurvedic expert trained in Parampara. Author of many popular books, published in several languages including English, German and Hindi. She studied and practiced in US, France and Germany.She founded Charaka School of Ayurveda to train interested people with genuine Ayurvedic education so that they can further impart the knowledge of Ayurvedic way of life and save people from becoming a victim of charlatanry in Ayurveda.